Anyone may participate in the Open Mainframe Project’s by contributing to technical projects and joining the discussion.  The Open Mainframe Project encourages organizations to become sponsoring participants and support the mission of the Open Mainframe Project with commitments of resources.  Participation levels include Platinum, Platinum End-User, Silver, Academic Institution and Associate Entity levels, which you can learn more about here.

From a governance perspective, the Open Mainframe Project is a collaborative project operating within the Linux Foundation.  A Governing Board is responsible for overseeing business decisions for the Open Mainframe Project, with a Technical Steering Committee directs and coordinates the technical community and a Marketing Committee to help create awareness and build the Open Mainframe Project brand. You can read the charter for more details.

Governing Board Members
  • Len Santalucia, Vicom Infinity, Inc (Chairperson)
  • Scott Fagen, CA
  • Michael Miller, SUSE
  • Steven Dickens, IBM
  • Steve Conger, ADP
  • Harry Williams, Marist College
  • Phil Tully, ADP (TSC Chairperson)
Technical Steering Committee
  • Phil Tully, ADP (Chairperson)
  • Scott Fagen, CA
  • Dale Hoffman, IBM
  • Berthold Gunreben, SUSE
  • Herbert Daly, University of Bedfordshire (TSC Project Lead – Internship Program)
  • James Caffrey, IBM (TSC Project Maintainer – ADE)
  • Marcel Mitran, IBM (CTO, non-voting member)

Visit the wiki to learn more about the techincal activites in the Open Mainframe Project

Marketing Committee
  • Steven Dickens, IBM (Chairperson)
  • Steve Conger, ADP
  • John Humphreys, CA
  • Nathan Barney, SUSE
  • Cameron Seay, Ph.D., North Carolina A & T State University