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Becoming an Open Mainframe Project member means your organization is…

    • a leader in the open source on mainframe community
    • wants to drive the technical vision of open source on mainframe
    • a thought leader or aims to be a thought leader in open source on mainframe
    • bringing solutions to market based on projects hosted at the Open Mainframe Project, and wanting to show your stewardship towards those communities

Of course, as with all open source projects hosted by The Linux Foundation, we welcome anyone to get involved in the Open Mainframe Project development community, regardless of membership status. Check out the list of hosted projects and working groups to learn more about these efforts and how to get involved.

Membership Benefits Include

Leverage our industry presence to advance your thought leadership.

Through our large audience, extensive media outreach, and with key partnership with publications such as, TFiR, TechChannel, and MediaOps, you will be positioned to be a thought leader in open source.

Be a part of Open Mainframe Summit

Open Mainframe Summit is the premier event focusing on the intersection of open source and the mainframe, bringing together thought leaders, executives, practitioners, and developers. As a member, you receive discounts on sponsorship at Open Mainframe Summit.

Showcase your career opportunities in Mainframe

Have your organization showcased to those coming to the Open Mainframe Project as a member looking to hire mainframe talent.

Zowe Conformance Program

The Zowe Conformance Program aims to give users the confidence that when they use a product, app, or distribution that leverages Zowe they can expect a high level of common functionality, interoperability and user experience. Members have all program fees waived for participating in the Zowe Conformance Program.

Measure your project impact with LFX Insights

LFX Insights is a new analytics tool that is provided to all open source projects hosted by the Linux Foundation to measure the contributions and development velocity in their projects. As a member, you will have insight into both code development, as well as a more holistic view of the project ecosystem to help you better gauge your organization’s open source impact.

Maximize Your Open Source Investment with training credits

The Linux Foundation offers training and certification direct from the source, those contributing to the world’s most important open source projects. As an Open Mainframe Project Silver or Platinum member, you are entitled to 10 vouchers for 100% off any LF eLearning Class, Certification Exam, or eLearning+Certification Exam “Bundle”. The value is $299+ per course.

Drive the direction of the foundation through Platinum Membership

Platinum members are the key stewards of the Open Mainframe Project and as such hold key leadership positions in the various governance structures. Their investment is key to the sustainability of open source in mainframe.

Specific Benefits include:

  • Voting seat on the Governing Board, TAC, and Marketing Committee, enabling the member to direct the strategic direction, budget, and priorities of the Open Mainframe Project.
  • Host an Open Mainframe Project webinar and have a guest on the “I Am A Mainframer” podcast annually, if desired.
  • Monthly meetings to brief on project activities, and an annual membership check-in to review engagement opportunities and provide feedback to project leadership.
  • First opportunity to participate and drive event and outreach opportunities, and the project will ensure partnership with Platinum Members in relevant events.
  • Open Mainframe Project leadership will support Platinum Member events, internal open source program efforts, and be available for customer and prospect engagement.
  • Additional training benefits through LF Training.

Corporate Membership Pricing

Platinum Member $100,000 (USD) (Plus Linux Foundation Membership if the Applicant is Not Already a Linux Foundation Member)
Platinum Member (End-user) $10,000 (USD) (Plus Linux Foundation Membership if the Applicant is Not Already a Linux Foundation Member)
Silver Silver Already a Linux Foundation Member

(see member list)


(including new Linux Foundation Membership)*

5,000 and above employees $30,000 $50,000
2,000–4,999 employees $20,000 $35,000
1,000–1,999 employees $15,000 $30,000
500-999 employees $10,000 $25,000
100-499 employees $5,000 $15,000
1-99 employees $5,000 $10,000

(Restricted to academic institutions)


(Pre-Approved Non-Profits, Open Source Projects and Government Entities)

* Note: Open Mainframe Project membership also requires companies to be a corporate member of The Linux Foundation.

Open Mainframe Project is committed to creating a structure to invest resources in growing the community, continuing to extend the technology, and provide a collaboration hub for sharing models, definitions, and best practices. There are opportunties for membership for organizations large and small, along with no-fee membership options for non-profit and academic institutions as well as individual contributors.