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TerseDecompress is a new open source project under the Open Mainframe Project umbrella that helps mainframe users uncompress files on any workstation.

Businesses that use mainframes have a unique challenge when it comes to large files like system dumps. Normally, if the company does not have a mainframe in their datacenter – it is not possible to uncompress the files. TerseDecompress helps mainframe users decompress these large data files on any workstation that supports JAVA. There is no need to have access to a mainframe to uncompress files that are tersed on a mainframe.

TerseDecompress is:

Simple and user friendly

Easy to install

Runs on any platform that supports JAVA

TerseDecompress specifically aims to provide Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who normally wouldn’t have access to a mainframe an opportunity to benefit from the power of one to uncompress their files. As JAVA programs can virtually run on any platform or operating system with a JVM, this JAVA decompression program can be very useful if you don’t have access to a mainframe but need to analyze or process a file.

To learn more about the code, visit the TerseDecompress Github.