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z/OS Open Repository of Workflows (zorow), is a new open source community dedicated to contributing and collaborating on z/OSMF workflows.

Today, many tenured systems administrators use their individual home-grown processes to perform common system management task. Workflows help to create efficiency and reduce the complexities of these tasks while enabling the transfer of tribal knowledge from tenured systems administrators to early tenured professionals in a seamless and consistent way.

The z/OSMF Workflow is a framework that supports z/OS System Programmers (Workflow provider) to define a guided flow (workflow) through steps to accomplish a system management or configuration task. Workflows are a mechanism to modernize and automate systems management tasks.

The z/OS Open Repository of Workflows provides the following:

Cross Collaboration

Across various clients and IBM on common workflows for z/OS systems management and configuration

Close Systems Management Skills Gap

Enable seamless transfer of systems management skills

Centralization of Workflows

Access to a vibrant ecosystem of workflows

By creating this community, we can centralize workflows from clients and numerous IBM offerings, for common systems management tasks. Systems administrators can collaborate on various workflows to reduce complexities by using familiar templates that integrate seamlessly with their respective enterprise operations. And tenured systems administrators can be energized to transfer their systems management skills to the early tenured systems administrators.

To learn more about the code, visit the zorow Github.