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The Open Mainframe Project Zowe Releases version 1.16

The Open Mainframe Project Zowe has released version 1.16 with some notable features and enhancements since the previous 1.15 release. The 1.16 z/OS components are made available as two co-requisite PTFs UO01955 and UO01956. The new release brings with it:

  • Updates to certificate management, and key ring support
    • With supporting documentation to help you understand the different scenarios around Zowe certificates.

  • Additional configuration options have been provided to the TN3270 terminal via more options in the environment file.

  • The Zowe installation has been updated to move the explorer-ui-server into a new shared folder in the Zowe Runtime Directory. As well as introducing a new file for keyring certificates.
  • Zowe’s VSCode extension (Zowe Explorer) has added a few features around profile validation and implemented the ‘allocate like’ option when creating a new data set, utilizing the zOSMF API. You can view a demo gif here for the profile validation.
  • The Zowe CLI now includes the ability to restrict what members’ names are returned to only those matching a specific pattern.

If you want to check out 1.16 for yourself, click here. For a more detailed breakdown of the 1.16 release, check out the full release notes. The Zowe team are already hard at work on features, enhancements & bug fixes for 1.17 so check back here next month for those updates.