Open Mainframe Project 2020 Annual Report

Learn more about how the Open Mainframe Project doubled their projects, grew their global ecosystem, supported several technical milestones and responded to the need for COBOL resources.


Easily Research and Access Mainframe Open Source using ISPF

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Written by Lionel B. Dyck, Contributor to CBT TAPE and an advocate for z/OS ISPF The world of open source repositories did not start with GitHub. It didn’t start with SourceForge. It…

Where do we go from here? 2022 Predictions

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Happy New Year Open Mainframe Project Community! We hope you had a wonderful holiday. As we get into the full swing of 2022, Swapnil Bhartiya, Founder and Host of TFIR, …

Running Zowe in Kubernetes

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Written by Jack Jia, Software Developer at IBM, dedicated to Zowe This article originally ran on the Zowe Medium site.  Can we run Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe workloads off-platform in a container orchestration…

2022 Goals for the Open Mainframe Project

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On an annual basis each fall, the Open Mainframe Project Governing Board comes together to set its plans for the upcoming year. Setting goals and objectives for an open-source foundation…