Open Mainframe Project 2020 Annual Report

Learn more about how the Open Mainframe Project doubled their projects, grew their global ecosystem, supported several technical milestones and responded to the need for COBOL resources.


BMC’s Contribution to Zowe provides an easier way to build and manage z/OSMF workflows

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By: Paul Spicer, lead product manager for BMC’s zSolutions   A growing number of people are now familiar with IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) and how it is used by…

My DEI Journey

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Written by Earl Dixon, Principal Client Services Management at Broadcom  After watching the first Making Our Strong Community Stronger panel on “How Personal Experiences Shape Corporate Inclusion,” I was very…

I am a Mainframer: Steven Dickens

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In today’s episode of the “I Am A Mainframer” podcast, we flip things around Joe Winchester sits in as a guest host and interviews  Steven Dickens, Vice President Sales, and…

Who is Zac?

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Written by Peter Fandel, Zowe Product Manager at Rocket Software, ZAC Chair and Open Mainframe Project Governing Board member You may have heard mention of ZAC in recent Open Mainframe Project…