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Open Mainframe Project 2021 Annual Report

Learn more about how the Open Mainframe Project amplified the ecosystem by collaborating with industry organizations and achieved major milestones in COBOL, GenevaERS, Mentorship, Zowe and a host of other projects and initiatives.


I am a Mainframer: Meral Temel

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In this episode of the “I Am a Mainframer” podcast, host Steven Dickens is joined by Meral Temel, Mainframe Platform Leader for JFORCE. Meral has been in the mainframe industry…

Zowe Wins DevOps Award For Second Year in a Row!

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Written by David McNierney, Product Marketing & Developer Marketing Leader at Broadcom Open Mainframe Project's Zowe community received fantastic recognition by being named the “Best DevOps for Mainframe Solution” in…
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Welcome Peter Wassel and Jeff Cherrington to the Governing Board

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Open Mainframe Project is growing - last year, we had more than 1,240 contributors engage with the more than 20 projects and working groups. We’re committed to keeping this momentum…

Meet the Future of COBOL (Video)

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Launched in April 2020, Open Mainframe Project's COBOL Programming Course has become one of its most popular projects focused on engaging the next generation of COBOLers – students, developers, lifelong learners…