To ensure open source projects on mainframe have a sustainable, vendor-neutral home, Open Mainframe Project both open source projects for the mainframe ecosystem as well as supports open source projects broadly that support the mainframe.

Projects hosted by Open Mainframe Project


Ambitus fosters a community that will help educate developers about all open source technologies on z/OS

Anomaly Detection Engine for Linux Logs (ADE)

ADE detects anomalous time slices and messages in Linux logs (either RFC3164 or RFC5424 format) using statistical learning.

Atom language syntax highlighting for z/VM

Helping connect the next generation with mainframe and open source, the internship program has help students over the past several years become contributors to open source on mainframe, as well as develop the skills for a long career in technology.


Feilong is an open source z/VM cloud connector project under the Open Mainframe Project umbrella that will accelerate the z/VM adoption, extending its ecosystem and its user experience.

Mentorship Program

Helping connect the next generation with mainframe and open source, the mentorship program has helped students over the past several years become contributors to open source on mainframe, as well as develop the skills for a long career in technology.


Polycephaly enables developers to build z/OS source code files with Jenkins and Git


TerseDecompress helps mainframe users uncompress files on any workstation.


z/OS Open Repository of Workflows (zorow), is dedicated to contributing and collaborating on z/OSMF workflows.


Zowe is a new open source software framework that provides solutions that allow development and operations teams to securely, manage, control, script and develop on the Mainframe like any other cloud platform. Zowe is the first open source project based on z/OS.

Open Mainframe Project provides a unique set of services for the mainframe community that goes beyond the simple mailing list, code repository, and website. You should host your project at Open Mainframe Project because:

  • A neutral home for your project increases the willingness of developers from other companies and independent developers to collaborate, contribute, and become committers.
  • Endorsement by leading mainframe architects of the Open Mainframe Project’s Technical Steering Committee is an independent signal of the quality of your project.
  • Ability to leverage Open Mainframe Project mainframe infrastructure for your CI/CD needs.
  • You will have access to funds for further investing in your project.
  • Partner academic institutions and next-gen students will have visibility into your project, resulting in new committers and class projects to help strengthen your project.
  • Your existing committers still control your project, and we just ask that you document a neutral governance process ( and if you don’t have one, we have one that’s a good starting point )
  • You can work with our full-time press relations and analyst relations teams to increase awareness of and excitement about your project.
  • Receive regular reports on press mentions and comparisons to similar projects.
  • Open Mainframe Project is able to leverage the expertise of its parent organization, The Linux Foundation, which hosts other successful projects including the Linux kernel, Let’s Encrypt, and Node.js. For example, Open Mainframe Project has worked on cross project collaboration between Kubernetes, HyperLedger, and Cloud Foundry for improving mainframe support of those technologies.
  • You will have access to full-time Open Mainframe Project staff who are eager to assist your project in myriad ways and help make it successful.
  • Our world-class events team work with you to showcase your project at our leading open source events worldwide.
  • We also work to ensure your project is represented at key mainframe events and meetups worldwide, such as SHARE, VM Workshop, and GSE.
  • We have travel funding available for your non-corporate-backed developers and to increase attendance of women and other underrepresented minorities.
  • We will work with your community to offer a customized “event in a box”, so that your team can easily participate in events worldwide with little overhead.
  • And for all events, we can promote on social and our blog of the participation, as well as track community metrics to for your community to better understand the impact of participation on your community.

Submit a proposal for your project to be hosted by the Open Mainframe Project. All submission are reviewed by the Open Mainframe Project TSC and considered per the project lifecycle.