Ambitus fosters a community that will help educate developers about all open source technologies on z/OS

Open Mainframe Project has a proven track record of raising awareness for the modernization of the mainframe and educating the next generation of developers. Additionally, open source efforts like Zowe, which builds and supports modern interfaces to mainframe facilities, have made good progress in these areas as well, but there are still significant barriers to open source enablement. 

Ambitus will: 

  • Exchange sample code and architectures of open source deployments that make use of IBM Z platform strengths.
  • Share best practices and experiences about how to use technology stacks to accomplish useful business tasks.
  • Compliment projects like Zowe and Zorow as it is a one stop shop forum for members to publish their experiences with different technologies

Ambitus will help those unfamiliar with the platform to better understand how their environment works on z/OS, Linux on Z, or both.  By approaching IBM Z from an off-platform perspective, this project will meet this key set of users where they are, assist them with their challenges, and help them with the best solution that makes optimal use of the platform. This will implicitly modernize the IBM Z operational environment and make it more accessible to current and future generations of IT talent.

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