Mainframe Open Education is a convenient, easy-to-use platform where experts share up-to-date materials and foster collaboration with the broader community.

While technologies with a long, rich history power much of the mainframe infrastructure, the talent behind their creation, development and maintenance is aging out, and a looming skills shortage threatens to leave companies scrambling to fill the gap. For decades, a key priority for the technology industry has been the need to replenish this aging workforce with talented, skilled professionals. 


The Mainframe Open Education project offers a convenient, easy-to-use platform through which experts share up-to-date materials, and foster collaboration with the broader community. The result is a clear learning path that rejuvenates the workforce and drives access to business-critical systems.   

The Mainframe Open Education project brings new talent (of any age) together with experts and resources to educate and train the next generation of mainframers.

The Mainframe Open Education project will:

Provide a clear learning path to a rewarding career

Close the technology skills gap by offering comprehensive materials at no cost

Open opportunities for community support and engagement where experts and seasoned professionals share their knowledge and best practices

The Mainframe Open Education project is closely aligned with the Open Mainframe Project’s Mentorship program. Launched in 2017, the Mentorship program has helped students work closely with mentors from member companies like Broadcom, IBM, Rocket Software, SUSE and Vicom Infinity on a variety of open source projects to expand their mainframe knowledge and skills as a critical stepping stone to a productive and rewarding career. Learn more about this program, here

Check out the press release and stay tuned for more updates!

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