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Zowe Webinar

In February 2019, the Open Mainframe Project announced that Zowe, an open source software framework for the mainframe that strengthens integration with modern enterprise applications, is now production ready less than six months after launching. Any enterprise or solution developer can access the Zowe 1.0 source code or convenience build and incorporate it into their products or services with the agility and scalability of a cloud platform.

The Open Mainframe Project recently hosted a Zowe Webinar to learn more about how Zowe makes the z/OS environment more “cloud-like” and aims to improve integration in hybrid cloud environments and how to get more involved.

Download the Zowe Webinar Presentation

Or if you want to watch the webinar on-demand – click here.

Open Mainframe Project Believer Study

As a collaborative initiative, the Project seeks to facilitate the sharing of information and ideas across the mainframe community, to develop shared tool sets, resources and technologies, and to educate and advocate for open source mainframe solutions in the broader market.

Download the Open Mainframe Project Believer Study

Docker and the Mainframe

Today, mainframe computing is in heavy use in very large organizations across industries including banking and finance, investing, retailing, airlines, and governments Docker makes it easier to develop and deploy applications anywhere.

Learn more about Docker and the Mainframe by downloading our latest Techbrief:

Download the Docker and the Mainframe Tech Brief


For years, the world’s largest companies have run critical applications on mainframes. In fact 92 of the top 100 banks run their core mission critical data on the mainframe, as do the top retailers, airlines and government organizations.

Download the Mongo DB Tech Brief


The uses of blockchain are increasingly diversified as the demand for reliable and demonstrably unaltered information becomes universal. In the new data-driven world in which we live, data is unquestionably an asset and blockchain is the ideal means with which to validate a data set’s authenticity and thus establish its value…

Download the New Blockchain Tech Brief

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